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PBS This project was at Definition 6, and for the TV show "Mercy Street" on PBS. My task was to create an interface for their "Portraits From Mercy Street" app, which allowed users to connect to Facebook and transform any photo into a Civil War era Tintype style portrait. The app won the Silver ADDY Award in "Online/Interactive: Websites - Microsites".

Since the show is a Civil War drama, the goal was to create an environment that made use of old textures and rustic, sepia colors. The actual functional part of the interface was kept as minimal as possible so that it would never feel cluttered or intimidating to use.

By default, a tintype is automatically generated once a photo is chosen as a way of encouraging the user to play around and explore the possibilities of the app. Users can adjust the size of the image, the tint, the texture, or change their nameplate. Users can also opt to start over or swap out the photo if they change their mind.

On mobile, the responsive aspect moves the controls above the canvas, and the tool UI is toggled as a menu to help maximize screen real estate.


In the first two weeks leading up to the show's premiere:

  • Twitter: 935 tweeted tintypes reached 2.7M eyes and generated 10.7M impressions
  • Facebook: 4800 new likes on the Mercy Street page and a 25k fan lift to PBS’ page
  • Targeted the digital pre-premiere which resulted in 200k streams in the 3 days prior to the on-air premiere
  • The app won the Silver ADDY Award in "Online/Interactive: Websites - Microsites".

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