I was part of a team that helped revamp Colonial Surety's online presence while also introducing new features that helped their partners and vendors engage potential customers.

Products First

On the homepage, a tile grid of categories was created to help guide new customers who need direction, while also making things easy for existing customers.

Quick Product Find

If a customer already knows exactly the product that they want, a dedicated dropdown of their products is right under the category tiles. The dropdown has a search filter that works in real-time.

Rethinking Product Pages

Product pages follow an elegant layout that is simple, informative, and easy to follow without feeling overwhelming, simplifying the potentially complicated nature of the bond business. Each page has a right rail with links to begin the buying process, which follows the user as they go along for easy access.

Marketing Interface for Partners

For business partners, there is a custom interface they can use to generate banner ads for Colonial. Partners can choose between different web banner standard sizes. If they are feeling modest, they can generate a simple text banner as well.

Re-imagined Article Content

The resource center was given a major overhaul. A focus was put on article finding, so a search feature was added, as well as article and category tags for easy filtering and article finding. The articles are also intelligent and recommend additional reading based on history. The article right rails also have links to products related to the article to help drive business.

A Robust Visual Language

Detailed iconography, both vibrant and modest colors, and a more modern typeface help push Colonial's brand into a more modern and engaging aesthetic. Despite all this, the site maintains accessibility standards.


  • Rob Kriauciunas

    Creative Director

  • Ryan Burst


  • Cecilia Kim