El Rey Network needed help getting the fanbase motivated for the second season of their hot show, “Lucha Underground.” The result was “Lucha Yourself”: an app where users can create their own digital Lucha Libre mask.

Express yourself, Lucha style

The goal of the app is to create interest in lucha wrestling traditions, and therefore the Lucha Underground show. Lucha masks by their design are colorful, engaging, and reflect the distinct personalities of whomever is wearing them. Therefore, this app was going to do the same thing. The core elements of the app are choosing color, pattern, texture, and a luchador name to share on social media.

Content Creation

The app has a classic setup where the controls are on the left and the canvas is on the right. Controls are thorough and separated by tab to reduce screen clutter. Additionally, the background wallpaper can be used to promote any future seasons of the show.

The name generator adds depth to the mask. Simply add a name and click “Generate”, and the app will add a custom Lucha Libre name to your mask. (If you must know, my Lucha Libre name is “Abismo Diablo.”) Want it even more custom? You can also add your own custom name if you'd like.


In the first two weeks leading up to the second season premiere, 1170 masks were tweeted from 700+ contributors, generating 3.5M impressions to 708k people. 15.4K visitors to the app generated 21.9K page views, with 55% of traffic coming from social and 65% of users on mobile devices, contributing to a 9% lift in Twitter follows and 7% increase in Facebook likes.


  • Doug Dimon

    Creative Director

  • Tomoko Nakamura

    Artwork, Textures

  • Jason Roth