“Kody Kapow” is a fun hit television show on Sprout, the popular children's programming channel owned by NBC Universal. The fine folks in charge of the show needed a microsite that kids would find fun to use.

A Hit New Kids Show Gets an Online Presence

The goal was to create a big, bold, colorful interface that young kids would want to interact with. Children do not respond to typical calls to action, or your standard form areas or buttons like their much older app using counterparts. Rather, children see something that looks bold and attention-grabbing, and they tap it. Therefore, this was an interface where everything that is tapped causes a reaction.

The experience begins with a big video background meant to be immediately impactful and grab the kids' attention. That video would of course be viewable with sound by tapping the Play icon. The big blue button at the bottom transitions the homepage to the content.

Character-driven Activity

With regards to the content pages, the most important thing is that everything be compelling to tap on by the much younger audience. Rather than have character bios that children would not read, the characters are instead used to organize the content. Tapping a character thumbnail transitions the characters out, and content is replaced on the grid with content relevant to that character. This helps keep things interesting for the kids that want to explore further.

Content and Games For Kids

All content opens up as overlays. Videos are overlays that utilize pre-existing video players. Image galleries are scalable and swipeable, and have the option of adding captions to the artwork. Games are playable instead a frame window, which is full frame on a mobile device that is rotated to landscape position.


  • Doug Dimon

    Creative Director

  • Maxi Brufau


  • Kevin Leahy

    Head of Development