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PavMed PavMed is a brilliant company specializing in breakthrough medical solutions. While at Definition 6, I served as Art Director for their site redesign, which spanned a complete UX/UI overhaul and photography.

The goal was to create a presence that communicated that the company was forward thinking. Their business is very complex, with so many factors, so I knew that I wanted the aesthetic to reflect that by being as layered as possible. The goal of the aesthetic was to open everything up, using modern HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript libraries to push the look to its absolute limit. Parallax scrolling gives a layered look and feel, and animations trigger on scrolling waypoints.

The layers continues on the product page, where the thumbnails serve as tiles that lift off the page. It was crucial that the product page's interface gave each product equal weight so that each one has the chance to impress.

When digging deeper on products, the product details page provides a more interactive experience to learn more. Each product is given the opportunity to present a detailed gallery, a 360 degree view, and information about how the product excels. By showing the importance of each product, and allowing the user to see the importance firsthand, people can get a much clearer view of what the products provide.

Additionally, it was important to communicate the difference between PavMed's business model and their competitors. Using interactivity, HTML5 and CSS3 animations, we created a page that helped illustrate how the company provides a much better alternative.

Due to using the most modern HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript libraries, the website also has the same experience on mobile. Additionally, the site's grid systems are enhanced by swipe gestures to help better use on touchscreens.


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