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Built New York While working at Lifetime Brands, I was tasked with the website redesign for their latest acquisition (at the time) called Built New York, a brand of neoprene totes and bags geared toward young urban professionals.

The goal was to create a shopping experience that reflects a fun, colorful, fashionable city-made brand, but also keeps the focus on the product list and information. The homepage was an ideal place to utilize brand messaging, combining the lifestyle, the colorful patterns, and products that make Built New York so appealing. Right off the bat, upon viewing the homepage, shoppers have a clear idea of what kind of company Built New York is.

The Shop Page continues to utilize photography to set the tone for Built New York's environment. The top section serves as a container for any potential callouts the company may want to use to help drive sales.

Diving further into the product grid on category pages, the interface was kept simple and easy to navigate. The sidebar allows users to content type, colors, or patterns. The product grid also contains little "packets" for callouts to products or collections that the company might consider showcasing.

In addition to being separated by category, products can also be filtered by pattern (and Built New York has many of them!) Each pattern has a hero image that shows the pattern art, giving users a good idea right away what it looks like.

For the product detail pages, users can see which patterns each product is available in. In addition, the product information includes a silhouette of people for scale, so users can get a good idea of the size of the product they are getting.

In addition to that website redesign, I took it upon myself to design the User Interface and Experience concept for a mobile app version that follows iOS design guidelines. With products as vibrant and full of patterns as the neoprene products Built provides, it was important to keep the interface as restrained as possible, so as not to take attention away from the colorful patterns that are the brand's centerpiece. This iOS mobile prototype was never used, but the website I designed for them still exists to this day.


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